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Row Descriptions / Terms & Conditions
We currently average around 1500 unique visitors per month.
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The Wall - Donations, Info & Terms

The actual size of each brick will vary depending on each user's screen width.

Rows Explained

Large Brick + Song

$15/mo Donation
  • Playable song*
  • Your Name
  • Picture
  • Multiple Links
  • Text bio (Approx. 250 characters)

Large Brick

$10/mo Donation
  • Your Name
  • Picture
  • Multiple Links
  • Text bio (Approx. 250 characters)

Medium Brick

$5/mo Donation
  • Medium Brick Size
  • Picture
  • One Link
  • Text description/bio (Approx. 150 characters)

Small Brick

$3/mo Donation
  • Picture
  • Your Name
  • One Link

Payments & Cancellations

We are U.K. based and any references to days or times relate to BST time zone.

The following terms apply to The Wall:

  • All payments and refunds are handled through PayPal to ensure your money is protected.
  • You do not require an account on this website to appear on The Wall
  • We will accept payment approx. 24 hours after it is received
    • This gives you time to cancel the payment before we accept it
    • No money will be transferred if you cancel at this point
  • Once payment is accepted by us, we will contact you requesting the information relating to your chosen row
    • After we receive suitable info, we will confirm your placement
    • Your brick will be placed on the website within 2 days of confirmation
  • You have the right to cancel and receive a full refund within 5 days of our acceptance of payment
    • Your brick will be removed before the refund is granted
    • If you repeatedly pay then refund within the 5 day window, you will be blacklisted via PayPal and we will not accept money from you
    • Refund requests should be confirmed by us within 1-2 working days
  • Ending a subscription is not the same as refunding a payment
  • You can end a subscription at any time
    • If you end the subscription, your brick will remain up for the paid time.

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