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All Time Top Ten Songs

#1 4945 Votes
Toril Karlengen's Photo Play this song

The One I Love

Toril Karlengen

#2 2020 Votes
Bob Donaldson's Photo Play this song

Second Chances

Bob Donaldson

#3 1638 Votes
Jessie Lynn's Photo Play this song

Im Diggin It

Jessie Lynn

#4 1464 Votes
 Maida's Photo Play this song

Last Call


#5 1197 Votes
Cindy Larson's Photo Play this song

Bring Back Country Music

Cindy Larson

#6 821 Votes
 's Photo Play this song

Out Of My Reach

#7 808 Votes
Patent Bænd's Photo Play this song

Million Ways

Patent Bænd

#8 729 Votes
Karisa Kay's Photo Play this song

Morning Sure Comes Early

Karisa Kay

#9 586 Votes
Rose Finn's Photo Play this song

A Song Of Hope

Rose Finn

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