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Top Twenty Songs

Saturday 30th December 2017 - Friday 12th January 2018

#1 285 Votes:
Gregory Ray's Photo

Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore

Gregory Ray

#2 259 Votes:
Nitty Gritty's Photo

3 Up And 1 Down

Nitty Gritty

#3 164 Votes:
Shellee Lynne's Photo

Old Whats His Name

Shellee Lynne

#4 120 Votes:
Matthew Huff's Photo

I Cant Love You Anymore

Matthew Huff

#5 60 Votes:
The Pearsall Brothers Band's Photo

Carolina Lady

The Pearsall Brothers Band

#6 45 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Jessie Lynn

#7 36 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

Farmers Daughters

Cindy Larson

#8 24 Votes:
Maggie Baugh's Photo

Catch Me

Maggie Baugh

#9 16 Votes:
 Garret's Photo



#10 12 Votes:
September Campbell's Photo

Lay Your Love On Me

September Campbell

#11 12 Votes:
Ava Paige's Photo

Ava Paige Bait His Own Hook

Ava Paige

#12 11 Votes:
 Hoss's Photo

Hoss Pair Of Queens


#13 10 Votes:
Country George's Photo

Woman Tonight

Country George

#14 9 Votes:
Mike Sands's Photo


Mike Sands

#15 8 Votes:
Audra Mathews's Photo

I Still Reach For You

Audra Mathews

#16 8 Votes:
Carly And Martina's Photo

Center Me

Carly And Martina

#17 8 Votes:
Katrina Lynn's Photo

I Like Your Vibe

Katrina Lynn

#18 6 Votes:
Christina Taylor's Photo

That Girl

Christina Taylor

#19 6 Votes:
Molly-Anne's Photo

Corona Del Mar


#20 5 Votes:
Big City Cowgirl's Photo

We Got All Kinds

Big City Cowgirl

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