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Friday 14th May 2021 - Friday 28th May 2021

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Unfortunately The Country Boy Colin has been unwell and in hospital, please wish him well on Twitter!

This chart is now OPEN!

#1 120 Votes:
Randy Allen's Photo

When Is It My Turn

Randy Allen

#2 108 Votes:
Karla Lynette's Photo

Cold Heartbreaker

Karla Lynette

#3 54 Votes:
Yara Beeks's Photo

Last Tear

Yara Beeks

#4 38 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Together Tonight

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#5 28 Votes:
Sugar Rose's Photo


Sugar Rose

#6 21 Votes:
Pamela Hopkins's Photo

Givin A Damn (Don't Go With My Outfit)

Pamela Hopkins

#7 6 Votes:
Madison Mueller's Photo

Sweet Bitterness

Madison Mueller

#8 6 Votes:
Levi Coby's Photo

Have A Little Faith

Levi Coby

#9 3 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Set It on Fire

Jessie Lynn

#10 3 Votes:
Jon Kolden's Photo

What's A Heart Gonna Do

Jon Kolden

#11 2 Votes:
Bailey James's Photo

Over You

Bailey James

#12 1 Votes:
Helena Mace's Photo

Shifting Sands

Helena Mace

#13 1 Votes:
Chris Melanson's Photo

Last To Say Goodbye

Chris Melanson

#14 1 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

So Beautiful

John Michael Ferrari

#15 1 Votes:
Bruno Skibbild's Photo

We Pray For It Every Day

Bruno Skibbild

#16 1 Votes:
Robert Hiscock's Photo

Where Corn Don't Grow

Robert Hiscock

#17 1 Votes:
Marinagisela & Amber Band's Photo

Comfort Zone

Marinagisela & Amber Band

#18 1 Votes:
Hunter Lott's Photo

Mama's Boy

Hunter Lott

#19 1 Votes:
Brian McKell's Photo

Any Other Way

Brian McKell

#20 0 Votes:
Carrot Bowen & The Collective's Photo

Growing Up In My Hometown

Carrot Bowen & The Collective

#21 0 Votes:
 Cassandra's Photo

Don't Change Me


#22 0 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Help Me

Kenny Presley

#23 0 Votes:
Dina Andrews's Photo

Did You Find Jesus In Nashville

Dina Andrews

#24 0 Votes:
Darren Holmes's Photo

Dream Catcher

Darren Holmes

#25 0 Votes:
Robert Abernathy's Photo

Water To Whiskey

Robert Abernathy

#26 0 Votes:
Larissa Tormey's Photo

Slightly Mad

Larissa Tormey

#27 0 Votes:
Davey Anscombe's Photo

Cold Cold Water

Davey Anscombe

#28 0 Votes:
Tia McGraff's Photo

What If

Tia McGraff

#29 0 Votes:
Todd Barrow's Photo

Gonna Drive

Todd Barrow

#30 0 Votes:
Toni West's Photo

The Flames Burn Bright

Toni West

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