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Privacy Policy

Straight To The Point...

  • We do NOT and will NEVER share or sell any information you provide to us
  • If you listen to a song for a certain amount of time, we record your unique user ID (no names or emails) and the song's unique ID
    • This helps us understand how people use our site so we can grow in the right direction
    • This will eventually power a music recommendation engine to show you similar music that you may like
    • This information is for our use only and will not be shared or sold
  • We track your votes by email address and IP address to ensure no one is cheating
  • We will not send you unsolicited emails outside of account functions (registering, changing email address, changing password)
  • We store some of your music player preferences in cookies, localStorage or sessionStorage, all of which are anonymous and tied to your web browser

Preferences We Store On Your Computer

  • The last volume level you selected so it can be restored when you return to the website
  • Whether the following music player features are enabled: autoplay, loop, shuffle
  • Which Help Boxes you have hidden, so they are not shown again

What We Store In Our Database (Registered Users Only)

  • The email address you registered with
  • Strongly encrypted passwords
  • Your chosen nickname
  • Your IP address (to make sure you aren't creating multiple fake email addresses and cheating)
  • List of songs you have favourited
  • Any playlists that you save
  • Your privacy choices:
    • Profile visiblity
    • Favourites list visibility
    • Whether each playlist you create is public or private
    • Whether your name appears on playlists you share publicly

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