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Friday 29th May 2020 - Friday 12th June 2020

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This chart is now OPEN!

#1 81 Votes:
5 Acres's Photo

Church On Highway 75

5 Acres

#2 78 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Ten Times Or A Thousand

Kenny Presley

#3 68 Votes:
Alice Madison's Photo

Desert Train

Alice Madison

#4 67 Votes:
Brandon Bing's Photo

Barns Babes And Bourbon

Brandon Bing

#5 47 Votes:
Hayley McKay's Photo

Thinking About Last Night

Hayley McKay

#6 42 Votes:
Phil & Kris's Photo

A Stitch In Time

Phil & Kris

#7 31 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Happens In The Country

Jessie Lynn

#8 29 Votes:
Chelsea Rae's Photo

Lips Of A Liar

Chelsea Rae

#9 29 Votes:
Jimmy Henrich's Photo

Kiss An Angel Good Morning

Jimmy Henrich

#10 29 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

Theres A Blue Moon Over My World Without You

Dolly Dunn

#11 28 Votes:
Bo Barton's Photo


Bo Barton

#12 23 Votes:
Bob Mcgilpin's Photo

America She's Crying

Bob Mcgilpin

#13 21 Votes:
Keith Peel's Photo

The Simple Things

Keith Peel

#14 14 Votes:
Caitlin mae's Photo

The Dream

Caitlin mae

#15 14 Votes:
Ava Paige's Photo

Hope Comes In

Ava Paige

#16 14 Votes:
The Cumberland River Project's Photo

Honey In My Head

The Cumberland River Project

#17 14 Votes:
Donna Marie's Photo

Get Wild

Donna Marie

#18 13 Votes:
 Lockeland's Photo

Til The Cows Come Home


#19 12 Votes:
Bailey James's Photo

Train Wreck

Bailey James

#20 11 Votes:
Resa Anna's Photo

This Is Us

Resa Anna

#21 9 Votes:
Country George's Photo


Country George

#22 7 Votes:
Destiny Band Oz's Photo

Hours In A Day

Destiny Band Oz

#23 6 Votes:
Jessye DeSilva's Photo


Jessye DeSilva

#24 4 Votes:
Ryan Phoenix's Photo

On The Edge

Ryan Phoenix

#25 4 Votes:
Richard Mulligan's Photo

Pick Up Trucks

Richard Mulligan

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