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Friday 06th May 2022 - Friday 20th May 2022

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#1 362 Votes:
Matt Chase's Photo

Come to Ohio

Matt Chase

#2 329 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

My Best Life

Rose Finn

#3 260 Votes:
Jake Blocker's Photo

Now And Then

Jake Blocker

#4 235 Votes:
Michael Travis's Photo

That's Tequila

Michael Travis

#5 194 Votes:
Noel Boland's Photo

Again With You

Noel Boland

#6 188 Votes:
Zach Ray's Photo

God Made A Country Boy

Zach Ray

#7 168 Votes:
 BlueStar's Photo

Bread Wine & Love


#8 152 Votes:
Hiedi Hyacinth's Photo

All The Good Ones Are Crazy

Hiedi Hyacinth

#9 127 Votes:
Jennifer Alvarado's Photo


Jennifer Alvarado

#10 70 Votes:
Ryan Phoenix's Photo

Fallin Stars

Ryan Phoenix

#11 57 Votes:
Gary & Carol Bibb's Photo

Water In The Well

Gary & Carol Bibb

#12 55 Votes:
Brandon Lorenzo's Photo

You Set The Bar

Brandon Lorenzo

#13 48 Votes:
Ellis Griffin's Photo

Whiskey Whisper

Ellis Griffin

#14 47 Votes:
Jeremy McDaniels's Photo


Jeremy McDaniels

#15 34 Votes:
Denise Glover's Photo

Whiskey And Loneliness Don't Mix

Denise Glover

#16 26 Votes:
Juli Tapken's Photo

Mama Says

Juli Tapken

#17 25 Votes:
Steve Pointmeier's Photo


Steve Pointmeier

#18 22 Votes:
Laurie LeBlanc's Photo

Lucky In Love ( LL )

Laurie LeBlanc

#19 14 Votes:
Kelly Creswell's Photo

You Don't Know Me

Kelly Creswell

#20 12 Votes:
Ally Joyce's Photo

Bull Riding

Ally Joyce

#21 12 Votes:
Linda Arseneault's Photo

Cranky Pants

Linda Arseneault

#22 11 Votes:
Gary Jay Hoffman's Photo

Two Little Dixie Cups

Gary Jay Hoffman

#23 9 Votes:
Molly O'Connell's Photo

Crazy Crazy Baby

Molly O'Connell

#24 8 Votes:
Dusty Leigh's Photo

Angry Right Now

Dusty Leigh

#25 7 Votes:
Todd Barrow's Photo

West Texas Wind

Todd Barrow

#26 6 Votes:
Jessica Lynne Witty's Photo

Your Own Damn Party

Jessica Lynne Witty

#27 6 Votes:
Robbie Harte's Photo

Too Pretty To Be Home

Robbie Harte

#28 4 Votes:
 Alayna's Photo

Lone Wolf


#29 3 Votes:
 Sissi's Photo

This Beautiful Life


#30 2 Votes:
Olivia Douglas's Photo

Dear Old Donegal

Olivia Douglas

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