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Friday 16th April 2021 - Friday 30th April 2021

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You may vote ONCE for an artist as a guest.

Unfortunately The Country Boy Colin has been unwell and in hospital, please wish him well on Twitter!

This chart is now OPEN!

#1 110 Votes:
Rileys Cove's Photo


Rileys Cove

#2 41 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Help Me

Kenny Presley

#3 13 Votes:
Brian McKell's Photo

Any Other Way

Brian McKell

#4 9 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Set It on Fire

Jessie Lynn

#5 7 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Together Tonight

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#6 6 Votes:
Robbie Harte's Photo

Home Is Wherever You Are

Robbie Harte

#7 5 Votes:
Amie Scheitel's Photo

Knew You Wouldn't Stay

Amie Scheitel

#8 5 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

So Beautiful

John Michael Ferrari

#9 4 Votes:
Darren Holmes's Photo

Dream Catcher

Darren Holmes

#10 4 Votes:
 Tofte's Photo

Midnight Flyer


#11 3 Votes:
Stacey Z's Photo

Love You More

Stacey Z

#12 2 Votes:
Bailey James's Photo


Bailey James

#13 2 Votes:
Wild Fire's Photo


Wild Fire

#14 2 Votes:
Dennis Thompson's Photo

Our Love

Dennis Thompson

#15 2 Votes:
Hunter Lott & Jennifer Mlott's Photo

Eyes On You

Hunter Lott & Jennifer Mlott

#16 2 Votes:
Leigh Pollari's Photo

Love Talks

Leigh Pollari

#17 1 Votes:
Dave Sheriff's Photo

We're Off

Dave Sheriff

#18 1 Votes:
Country George's Photo

Blind Man

Country George

#19 1 Votes:
Caroline Parke's Photo

Sharing Of Each Other

Caroline Parke

#20 1 Votes:
Awbrey Madison's Photo

Rather B Loved

Awbrey Madison

#21 1 Votes:
Auntie G's Photo

Halfway Life

Auntie G

#22 1 Votes:
Steve Dunfee's Photo

Back Home Again

Steve Dunfee

#23 0 Votes:
Darren A. Flynn's Photo

Mountain Whiskey

Darren A. Flynn

#24 0 Votes:
Destiny Band Oz's Photo

This Is Our Land

Destiny Band Oz

#25 0 Votes:
Emma Donohue's Photo

Love Me Tonight

Emma Donohue

#26 0 Votes:
Esther van Kommer's Photo

Kommer When The Birds Start To Sing

Esther van Kommer

#27 0 Votes:
Jason McDaniel 's Photo

Honky Tonk Life

Jason McDaniel

#28 0 Votes:
Mary Hoey's Photo

Im So Over You

Mary Hoey

#29 0 Votes:
Merilyn Steele's Photo

I Deserve This

Merilyn Steele

#30 0 Votes:
Rickey Combs's Photo

Just Wished You Loved Me

Rickey Combs

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