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Friday 12th April 2019 - Friday 26th April 2019

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After a few technical issues, the new Top 25 is now available!

#1 130 Votes:
Thrifty Malone's Photo

Six Hours Down The Road

Thrifty Malone

#2 52 Votes:
Karisa Kay's Photo

Morning Sure Comes Early

Karisa Kay

#3 46 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Im Diggin It

Jessie Lynn

#4 41 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

Bring Back Country Music

Cindy Larson

#5 32 Votes:
Annie Rost's Photo

Texas Hospitality

Annie Rost

#6 31 Votes:
 Maida's Photo



#7 27 Votes:
Juke Johnson's Photo

This Is

Juke Johnson

#8 25 Votes:
Brandon Bing's Photo

Sunday Funday

Brandon Bing

#9 24 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

Plain Old Bad

Dave Ward

#10 22 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

Drinking Alone

Jennifer Mlott

#11 19 Votes:
Ava Paige's Photo

Prettier Poison

Ava Paige

#12 17 Votes:
Tom Foster Morris's Photo

Comanche Moon

Tom Foster Morris

#13 17 Votes:
Michael Jennings's Photo

Little Man

Michael Jennings

#14 17 Votes:
Celeste Kellogg's Photo

Country Swagger

Celeste Kellogg

#15 17 Votes:
Madison Mueller's Photo


Madison Mueller

#16 14 Votes:
Amanda Marie's Photo

They Say Life

Amanda Marie

#17 14 Votes:
Danielle Haskell's Photo


Danielle Haskell

#18 12 Votes:
Wild Fire's Photo

Billboard Sign

Wild Fire

#19 12 Votes:
Kate Campbell's Photo

Talking Country

Kate Campbell

#20 12 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

Loving Under Two Moons

Rose Finn

#21 12 Votes:
Steve Dunfee's Photo

Being With You

Steve Dunfee

#22 11 Votes:
Patent Bænd's Photo

Million Ways

Patent Bænd

#23 10 Votes:
Darrel Armstrong's Photo

She Don't Miss Me Anymore

Darrel Armstrong

#24 10 Votes:
Shaun Ginks's Photo


Shaun Ginks

#25 6 Votes:
Ben Kitchens's Photo

Can She Cook

Ben Kitchens

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