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Friday 25th June 2021 - Friday 09th July 2021

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Unfortunately The Country Boy Colin has been unwell and in hospital, please wish him well on Twitter!

This chart is now OPEN!

#1 778 Votes:
Gabrielle Gore's Photo

My Mustang

Gabrielle Gore

#2 643 Votes:
Chuck Elliott's Photo

Bartender Reach Up

Chuck Elliott

#3 92 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Eye Of The Storm

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#4 85 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

Don't Need A Reason

John Michael Ferrari

#5 62 Votes:
Vicki Spurrell's Photo

Loves Not Enough

Vicki Spurrell

#6 48 Votes:
Robert Hiscock's Photo

Where Corn Don't Grow

Robert Hiscock

#7 45 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Set It on Fire

Jessie Lynn

#8 37 Votes:
Randy Allen's Photo

Hard To Believe

Randy Allen

#9 36 Votes:
Richard Lynch's Photo


Richard Lynch

#10 30 Votes:
Kay Cook Abbott's Photo

Put Me On The Spot

Kay Cook Abbott

#11 29 Votes:
Wild Fire's Photo

Rose Colored Glasses

Wild Fire

#12 17 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo


Jennifer Mlott

#13 17 Votes:
Jon Kolden's Photo

What's A Heart Gonna Do

Jon Kolden

#14 13 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

The Clouds Are Lifting

Dave Ward

#15 12 Votes:
Russel Blake's Photo


Russel Blake

#16 7 Votes:
Bill Abernathy's Photo

Who Are You Who Am I

Bill Abernathy

#17 7 Votes:
Sandra North's Photo

Same Story 'Bout a Broken Heart

Sandra North

#18 6 Votes:
Karla Lynette's Photo

That Someone Is You

Karla Lynette

#19 4 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

The Star

Dolly Dunn

#20 4 Votes:
Erika Jonsson's Photo

Redneck Hollywood

Erika Jonsson

#21 4 Votes:
The Pete Rivers's Photo

Copperhead Road

The Pete Rivers

#22 4 Votes:
Don Farris's Photo

Father Son And Holy Ghost

Don Farris

#23 3 Votes:
Hege Cecilie's Photo

Country Lane

Hege Cecilie

#24 3 Votes:
Seth Storer's Photo

Gettin Gone

Seth Storer

#25 3 Votes:
 Petrella's Photo

Bring It Here Baby


#26 3 Votes:
Eoin O'Neill's Photo

The Galway Waltz

Eoin O'Neill

#27 3 Votes:
Dusty Leigh's Photo

Take A Ride With Me

Dusty Leigh

#28 3 Votes:
Kirstie Kraus's Photo


Kirstie Kraus

#29 3 Votes:
Cambree Lovesy's Photo

Stomping Grounds

Cambree Lovesy

#30 3 Votes:
Michael Farrell's Photo

Green Green Grass Of Home

Michael Farrell

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