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Friday 08th January 2021 - Friday 22nd January 2021

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#1 544 Votes:
Sami Lavette's Photo

Stronger Than Whiskey

Sami Lavette

#2 408 Votes:
Hunter Lott's Photo

That Guy

Hunter Lott

#3 381 Votes:
 Henriette's Photo

Remember That


#4 242 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Together Tonight

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#5 194 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Isn't That The Truth

Jessie Lynn

#6 180 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

You Dont Wanna Talk About It

Jennifer Mlott

#7 101 Votes:
Scott Brandt's Photo

Jersey Devil

Scott Brandt

#8 80 Votes:
Charlie & Hubble's Photo

La voie lactée (Sometimes)

Charlie & Hubble

#9 79 Votes:
Seth Berresford's Photo

Look At You Now

Seth Berresford

#10 73 Votes:
Richard Mulligan's Photo

Four Country Roads

Richard Mulligan

#11 55 Votes:
Bryan Robinson's Photo

Comfortable Silence

Bryan Robinson

#12 35 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

So Beautiful

John Michael Ferrari

#13 32 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Amos Moses

Kenny Presley

#14 22 Votes:
Colin Gordon-Farleigh's Photo

We All Need Our Heroes

Colin Gordon-Farleigh

#15 21 Votes:
Macy Dot's Photo

Hot Mess

Macy Dot

#16 19 Votes:
Austin Hopkins's Photo

Country Girl Dream

Austin Hopkins

#17 12 Votes:
Danielle Morgan's Photo

I'm Coming Home

Danielle Morgan

#18 11 Votes:
Sabrina Maria's Photo

I'm Begging You Please

Sabrina Maria

#19 10 Votes:
Mary Hoey's Photo

No Lovin In Your Eyes

Mary Hoey

#20 8 Votes:
Jerzy F Przybylski's Photo

Trip By A Train

Jerzy F Przybylski

#21 8 Votes:
Kim Smith's Photo


Kim Smith

#22 7 Votes:
James Lewis's Photo

Angels In Blue

James Lewis

#23 6 Votes:
Allison Leah's Photo

Coffee Cup

Allison Leah

#24 6 Votes:
Kay Cook Abbott's Photo

It's Alright

Kay Cook Abbott

#25 5 Votes:
Ariel Hutchins's Photo

Wine Won't Work

Ariel Hutchins

#26 3 Votes:
Amie Scheitel's Photo

If You Want Inside this Heart

Amie Scheitel

#27 3 Votes:
Beth Boudreaux's Photo

My Favorite Cowboy

Beth Boudreaux

#28 3 Votes:
Lynz Crichton's Photo

The Small Things

Lynz Crichton

#29 3 Votes:
Marty Rhone's Photo

Crazy for You

Marty Rhone

#30 3 Votes:
Jerry Willis's Photo

Always One

Jerry Willis

#31 3 Votes:
Katz Country's Photo

Highway To Hell

Katz Country

#32 3 Votes:
Kelli Brogan's Photo

I Miss The Little Things

Kelli Brogan

#33 3 Votes:
Kerrie Fuller's Photo

Crazy With Love

Kerrie Fuller

#34 3 Votes:
Nashville Country's Photo

Don't Look Back

Nashville Country

#35 3 Votes:
Robert Hiscock's Photo

Two Young Lovers

Robert Hiscock

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