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IAM4URadio.co.uk has won a silver international ISSA award for "Radio Station of the Year"!
A message from Colin: "I am so pleased I carried on with my dreams and listened to my heart what my fans was wanting, and thank you for believing in me. From your friend and work Buddy, Colin."

Friday 16th October 2020 - Friday 30th October 2020

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#1 571 Votes:
Jerzy F Przybylski's Photo

Trip By A Train

Jerzy F Przybylski

#2 409 Votes:
Hunter Lott's Photo

Don't Say Nothin At All

Hunter Lott

#3 133 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Oh Lonesome Me

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#4 114 Votes:
Gina Jones's Photo

Highway Bound

Gina Jones

#5 103 Votes:
Levi Coby's Photo

Cowboy Up

Levi Coby

#6 82 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Amos Moses

Kenny Presley

#7 72 Votes:
Mary Hoey's Photo

In My Dreams

Mary Hoey

#8 68 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

Play Me

Dolly Dunn

#9 57 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Happens In The Country

Jessie Lynn

#10 39 Votes:
Sharon Marie's Photo

White Small Town Prayer

Sharon Marie

#11 31 Votes:
Charlie & Hubble's Photo

La voie lactée (Sometimes)

Charlie & Hubble

#12 31 Votes:
Jolina Carl's Photo


Jolina Carl

#13 30 Votes:
Colin Gordon-Farleigh's Photo

More Than Sorry

Colin Gordon-Farleigh

#14 25 Votes:
Juke Johnson's Photo

Starting Over

Juke Johnson

#15 23 Votes:
Richard Mulligan's Photo

Four Country Roads

Richard Mulligan

#16 15 Votes:
Destiny Band Oz's Photo

Oz Ray Of Hope

Destiny Band Oz

#17 12 Votes:
Bob Love's Photo

Find Your Way Back Home

Bob Love

#18 10 Votes:
Steve Dunfee's Photo

Its An Amazing Day

Steve Dunfee

#19 9 Votes:
Laurie Lace's Photo

Back At The Farm

Laurie Lace

#20 8 Votes:
Andrew Dean's Photo

Salute To The Farmer

Andrew Dean

#21 7 Votes:
Russel Blake's Photo

My Wife, My Woman And My Friend

Russel Blake

#22 6 Votes:
Jackie Guy's Photo

I Did It Anyway

Jackie Guy

#23 5 Votes:
Keith Brooks's Photo

Make My Good Girl Bad

Keith Brooks

#24 5 Votes:
Ryan Lunn's Photo


Ryan Lunn

#25 5 Votes:
Courtney Bowles's Photo

Beautiful Daughter

Courtney Bowles

#26 4 Votes:
Brandon Bing's Photo

Back In Da Woods

Brandon Bing

#27 4 Votes:
@ KitCatK's Photo

Talkin' To Me

@ KitCatK

#28 4 Votes:
Hayley Verrall's Photo

Dance Around It

Hayley Verrall

#29 4 Votes:
Hermann Lammers Meyer's Photo

Lied für Eva

Hermann Lammers Meyer

#30 4 Votes:
Todd Barrow's Photo

Fun In Mexico

Todd Barrow

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