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Previous Top Twenty Songs

Friday 22nd November 2019 - Wednesday 06th November 2019

#1 587 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

After All

Kenny Presley

#2 333 Votes:
Jimmy Henrich's Photo

Kiss It Out

Jimmy Henrich

#3 125 Votes:
Toril Karlengen's Photo

The One I Love

Toril Karlengen

#4 61 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Happens In The Country

Jessie Lynn

#5 57 Votes:
Bo Barton's Photo


Bo Barton

#6 54 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

Set 'Em Up

Jennifer Mlott

#7 48 Votes:
Alyssa Marie Coon's Photo


Alyssa Marie Coon

#8 39 Votes:
Keith Shaw's Photo

A Tie That Binds Us

Keith Shaw

#9 31 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

Bring Back Country Music

Cindy Larson

#10 30 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

Midnight Thunder

Dave Ward

#11 26 Votes:
The Ronan Gallagher Band's Photo

Her New Best Friends

The Ronan Gallagher Band

#12 24 Votes:
Madison Mueller's Photo

Breath Of Air

Madison Mueller

#13 24 Votes:
Wild Fire's Photo

My Over You Song

Wild Fire

#14 19 Votes:
Bailey James's Photo

The One

Bailey James

#15 9 Votes:
Sonny Thurnal's Photo

You Know Who Is Coming To Town

Sonny Thurnal

#16 3 Votes:
Toni West's Photo

A White Christmas This Year

Toni West

#17 3 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

When You Turn Cold (I Turn Blue)

Rose Finn

#18 3 Votes:
Emma Stevens's Photo


Emma Stevens

#19 3 Votes:
Emma Lachevre's Photo

Home To You

Emma Lachevre

#20 2 Votes:
Ashley Best's Photo

I Believe

Ashley Best

#21 2 Votes:
 Maida's Photo



#22 1 Votes:
Doug Yingling and Frank Porter's Photo

Not Long Ago

Doug Yingling and Frank Porter

#23 1 Votes:
Junior Turner's Photo

Its Christmas Time

Junior Turner

#24 1 Votes:
Richard Carroll's Photo


Richard Carroll

#25 1 Votes:
Lee Ann Kelly's Photo

Fall Before You Fly

Lee Ann Kelly

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