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Friday 12th February 2021 - Friday 26th February 2021

#1 724 Votes:
Jon Kinsey's Photo

Life On The Road

Jon Kinsey

#2 152 Votes:
Jean Trent's Photo

Til The Lights Come On

Jean Trent

#3 124 Votes:
James Carr's Photo

Adjusting My Attitude

James Carr

#4 120 Votes:
Hunter Lott's Photo

Can't Wait For That Day

Hunter Lott

#5 110 Votes:
Macy Dot's Photo

Hot Mess

Macy Dot

#6 81 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Help Me

Kenny Presley

#7 61 Votes:
 Tofte's Photo

Midnight Flyer


#8 61 Votes:
Bryan Robinson's Photo

Comfortable Silence

Bryan Robinson

#9 59 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

You Dont Wanna Talk About It

Jennifer Mlott

#10 56 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Isn't That The Truth

Jessie Lynn

#11 55 Votes:
Donny Hammonds's Photo

Love That Lasts

Donny Hammonds

#12 52 Votes:
Colin Fowlie's Photo

To Mend

Colin Fowlie

#13 51 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Together Tonight

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#14 35 Votes:
Scott Brandt's Photo

Just Because

Scott Brandt

#15 9 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

So Beautiful

John Michael Ferrari

#16 8 Votes:
Kim Thompson's Photo

Heartache Heartbreak

Kim Thompson

#17 6 Votes:
Richard Mulligan's Photo

Four Country Roads

Richard Mulligan

#18 5 Votes:
Colin Gordon-Farleigh's Photo

We All Need Our Heroes

Colin Gordon-Farleigh

#19 4 Votes:
Gabrielle Metz's Photo

Hey Cupid

Gabrielle Metz

#20 4 Votes:
Dirt Road Opera's Photo

Tell The Truth

Dirt Road Opera

#21 4 Votes:
Nia Nicholls's Photo

Cali Beaches

Nia Nicholls

#22 2 Votes:
Noel Boland's Photo


Noel Boland

#23 2 Votes:
Toni West's Photo

Ride That Train

Toni West

#24 1 Votes:
Justin Jeansonne's Photo

Honky Tonk Heaven

Justin Jeansonne

#25 1 Votes:
Jessica Lynne Witty's Photo

Don't Fall Out Of Love With Me Just Yet

Jessica Lynne Witty

#26 1 Votes:
Robert Hiscock's Photo

Between The Whiskey And The Water

Robert Hiscock

#27 1 Votes:
The Enemy Line's Photo

Made For Lovin You

The Enemy Line

#28 1 Votes:
Dennis Ledbetter's Photo

She Ain't Blind And You Ain't Braille

Dennis Ledbetter

#29 1 Votes:
Colin Kenny's Photo

Grandmothers Prayer

Colin Kenny

#30 1 Votes:
Aaron McDonnell & The Neon Eagles's Photo

Tell The Devil

Aaron McDonnell & The Neon Eagles

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