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Friday 22nd April 2022 - Friday 06th May 2022

#1 372 Votes:
Judy Jae's Photo

Such A Fool For Love

Judy Jae

#2 228 Votes:
Jennifer Alvarado's Photo


Jennifer Alvarado

#3 200 Votes:
 BlueStar's Photo

Bread Wine & Love


#4 167 Votes:
Matt Chase's Photo

Old Hotel Rooms

Matt Chase

#5 149 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

My Best Life

Rose Finn

#6 138 Votes:
Gary & Carol Bibb's Photo

Water In The Well

Gary & Carol Bibb

#7 113 Votes:
Michael Travis's Photo

That's Tequila

Michael Travis

#8 94 Votes:
Linda Arseneault's Photo

Cranky Pants

Linda Arseneault

#9 67 Votes:
Noel Boland's Photo

Again With You

Noel Boland

#10 57 Votes:
Jake Blocker's Photo

Now And Then

Jake Blocker

#11 53 Votes:
Zach Ray's Photo

God Made A Country Boy

Zach Ray

#12 50 Votes:
Gary Jay Hoffman's Photo

Two Little Dixie Cups

Gary Jay Hoffman

#13 46 Votes:
Brandon Lorenzo's Photo

You Set The Bar

Brandon Lorenzo

#14 41 Votes:
Ryan Phoenix's Photo

Fallin Stars

Ryan Phoenix

#15 19 Votes:
Ally Joyce's Photo

Bull Riding

Ally Joyce

#16 16 Votes:
 Studeo's Photo

Call Me


#17 13 Votes:
Mackenzie Lee's Photo

Like A Bull Rider

Mackenzie Lee

#18 12 Votes:
Roxy Searle's Photo

Country Girl

Roxy Searle

#19 10 Votes:
Casey Kearney's Photo

Was It You Was It Me

Casey Kearney

#20 9 Votes:
Bob Donaldson's Photo

Your Eyes Say A Thousand Words

Bob Donaldson

#21 9 Votes:
Melissa Pettignano's Photo

Look At You

Melissa Pettignano

#22 7 Votes:
Trudi Lalor's Photo

They're Gonna Run

Trudi Lalor

#23 7 Votes:
 Ewelina's Photo



#24 5 Votes:
Ellinor Springstrike's Photo

I'll Be Around

Ellinor Springstrike

#25 5 Votes:
Briana Dinsdale's Photo

Lost At Sea

Briana Dinsdale

#26 5 Votes:
Ben Currie's Photo

White Lines And Bright Lights

Ben Currie

#27 5 Votes:
Tracy Colletto's Photo

It's Over

Tracy Colletto

#28 4 Votes:
Hermann Lammers Meyer's Photo

Tear Talk

Hermann Lammers Meyer

#29 4 Votes:
Brea Lawrenson's Photo

As Far As Dreaming Goes

Brea Lawrenson

#30 1 Votes:
Freddy de Bruin's Photo

My Woman

Freddy de Bruin

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