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Friday 29th July 2022 - Friday 12th August 2022

#1 869 Votes:
Jordan Poole's Photo

She's Gone

Jordan Poole

#2 777 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

My Best Life

Rose Finn

#3 630 Votes:
Jesse Vaughn's Photo

Old School

Jesse Vaughn

#4 447 Votes:
Richard Lynch's Photo

Hell Make Everything Alright

Richard Lynch

#5 138 Votes:
Gary & Carol Bibb's Photo

Water In The Well

Gary & Carol Bibb

#6 121 Votes:
Matt Chase's Photo

Come to Ohio

Matt Chase

#7 82 Votes:
 BlueStar's Photo

Wait And See


#8 67 Votes:
Jennifer Alvarado's Photo

Rock This Way

Jennifer Alvarado

#9 65 Votes:
Jannet Bodewes's Photo

Asking for Trouble

Jannet Bodewes

#10 41 Votes:
Vicki Spurrell's Photo

Over You

Vicki Spurrell

#11 13 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

She Does It All

Dave Ward

#12 13 Votes:
Bob Donaldson's Photo

Nothing To Me

Bob Donaldson

#13 10 Votes:
Chad Lodge's Photo

We Got It Made

Chad Lodge

#14 9 Votes:
Tom Buerhrle's Photo

Warm Summer Night

Tom Buerhrle

#15 8 Votes:
Dave Rosewood's Photo

Grandpa’s Pond

Dave Rosewood

#16 6 Votes:
 Studeo's Photo

Wish You Were Here


#17 6 Votes:
Hurricane Highway's Photo

Baby I Do

Hurricane Highway

#18 5 Votes:
Lyn Sey's Photo

Good Ole Summertime

Lyn Sey

#19 5 Votes:
Jeremiah Wheeler's Photo

Til The Weekend

Jeremiah Wheeler

#20 4 Votes:
Gary Matheny's Photo

Back Where I Belong

Gary Matheny

#21 3 Votes:
Nathan Carter's Photo

Keg Of Brandy

Nathan Carter

#22 3 Votes:
Tony Clarke's Photo

When I Look Into Your Eyes

Tony Clarke

#23 3 Votes:
Sarah Yeo's Photo

No Way José

Sarah Yeo

#24 2 Votes:
Cory M Coons's Photo

Long Hard Rain

Cory M Coons

#25 2 Votes:
Chris Mabb's Photo

He's An Outlaw

Chris Mabb

#26 1 Votes:
Ry Welch's Photo

Girls Night Out At The Rodeo

Ry Welch

#27 1 Votes:
Julie Healy's Photo

Gene Stuart From Tyrone

Julie Healy

#28 1 Votes:
Vincent Vaughan's Photo

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Vincent Vaughan

#29 0 Votes:
Larissa Tormey's Photo


Larissa Tormey

#30 0 Votes:
Sarah Rose's Photo

How To Love a Girl

Sarah Rose

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