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Previous Top Twenty Songs

Friday 04th May 2018 - Friday 18th May 2018

#1 235 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

Cherokee Rose

Dolly Dunn

#2 177 Votes:
The Pearsall Brothers Band's Photo

When the Lightning Hits You

The Pearsall Brothers Band

#3 169 Votes:
Shellee Lynne's Photo

Old Whats His Name

Shellee Lynne

#4 159 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

I Can Count On You

Jennifer Mlott

#5 113 Votes:
Brandi Naugle's Photo

Don't Come Home A Drinkin'

Brandi Naugle

#6 101 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Old Pair of Boots

Jessie Lynn

#7 64 Votes:
Russel Lynch's Photo

Appalachia Home

Russel Lynch

#8 58 Votes:
Chelsea Rae's Photo


Chelsea Rae

#9 38 Votes:
Kim Martin's Photo

Old Southern Soul

Kim Martin

#10 32 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

True Love Wanted

Cindy Larson

#11 25 Votes:
Annemarie Picerno's Photo


Annemarie Picerno

#12 20 Votes:
Sunny and James Allen's Photo

Alabama Whiskey

Sunny and James Allen

#13 18 Votes:
Theresa Carmony's Photo

It Takes One To Know One

Theresa Carmony

#14 18 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

Come to the River With Me

Dave Ward

#15 18 Votes:
Michael McMillan's Photo

Scars And Stripes

Michael McMillan

#16 15 Votes:
James Robert Webb's Photo

American Beauty

James Robert Webb

#17 14 Votes:
Shay Lynn & Dusty Backroads Band's Photo

No Memory

Shay Lynn & Dusty Backroads Band

#18 14 Votes:
Allen Higgs's Photo


Allen Higgs

#19 13 Votes:
Karisa Kay's Photo

Don't Fall In Love

Karisa Kay

#20 11 Votes:
Stephanie Lee's Photo

That Summer

Stephanie Lee

#21 8 Votes:
Dennis Ledbetter's Photo

Rocking Chairs For Two

Dennis Ledbetter

#22 8 Votes:
Matthew Huff's Photo

I Cant Love You Anymore

Matthew Huff

#23 7 Votes:
Ginelle James's Photo

Last Call

Ginelle James

#24 6 Votes:
Dina Andrews's Photo

Let The Desert Wind Blow

Dina Andrews

#25 6 Votes:
Tamanie Dove's Photo

Raider of the Lost Heart

Tamanie Dove

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