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IAM4URadio.co.uk has won a silver international ISSA award for "Radio Station of the Year"!
A message from Colin: "I am so pleased I carried on with my dreams and listened to my heart what my fans was wanting, and thank you for believing in me. From your friend and work Buddy, Colin."

Friday 04th September 2020 - Friday 18th September 2020

#1 444 Votes:
Richard Mulligan's Photo

Four Country Roads

Richard Mulligan

#2 254 Votes:
Jerzy F Przybylski's Photo


Jerzy F Przybylski

#3 173 Votes:
Kerrigan La-Brooy's Photo

Oh Lonesome Me

Kerrigan La-Brooy

#4 116 Votes:
Mary Hoey's Photo

In My Dreams

Mary Hoey

#5 76 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Ten Times Or A Thousand

Kenny Presley

#6 47 Votes:
Colin Gordon-Farleigh's Photo

Things That Mean The Most

Colin Gordon-Farleigh

#7 46 Votes:
Sharon Marie's Photo

White Small Town Prayer

Sharon Marie

#8 42 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Happens In The Country

Jessie Lynn

#9 35 Votes:
Awbrey Madison's Photo


Awbrey Madison

#10 34 Votes:
Bob Mcgilpin's Photo

America She's Crying

Bob Mcgilpin

#11 33 Votes:
Jolina Carl's Photo


Jolina Carl

#12 26 Votes:
April Kry's Photo

Watered Down

April Kry

#13 25 Votes:
Wolfe Milestone's Photo

Where My Truck Stops

Wolfe Milestone

#14 16 Votes:
Kay Cook Abbott's Photo

Feel So Country

Kay Cook Abbott

#15 15 Votes:
Chelsea Rae's Photo

Lips Of A Liar

Chelsea Rae

#16 14 Votes:
Reatha Pitman's Photo

Hittin The Road

Reatha Pitman

#17 14 Votes:
Cindy Hall's Photo

Til I Found You

Cindy Hall

#18 14 Votes:
Lucy, Racquel And Me's Photo

Home One Day

Lucy, Racquel And Me

#19 13 Votes:
Derek Carpenter's Photo

I Play This Old Guitar

Derek Carpenter

#20 13 Votes:
Nashville Country's Photo

Kick Up My Heels

Nashville Country

#21 13 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

Theres A Blue Moon Over My World Without You

Dolly Dunn

#22 12 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

What If

Jennifer Mlott

#23 10 Votes:
Tracy Millar's Photo

I'm Not 29 No More

Tracy Millar

#24 7 Votes:
Carrie Martin's Photo

White Kite

Carrie Martin

#25 7 Votes:
Dill and Scott's Photo

Midnight Oil

Dill and Scott

#26 6 Votes:
Sarah Rose & Eric Walker's Photo

Doing It For You

Sarah Rose & Eric Walker

#27 6 Votes:
Johnny Westwood's Photo


Johnny Westwood

#28 5 Votes:
Noel Boland's Photo

Before This

Noel Boland

#29 5 Votes:
John Douglas's Photo

Some Where Right Now

John Douglas

#30 4 Votes:
Steve McManus's Photo

Angel Wings

Steve McManus

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