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Friday 19th November 2021 - Sunday 05th December 2021

#1 106 Votes:
 Crispinsongs's Photo



#2 64 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Between The Shoulders Of The Road

Kenny Presley

#3 43 Votes:
Travis Pickering's Photo

She Gets Me

Travis Pickering

#4 30 Votes:
Shawn Adams's Photo

Other Side Of Midnight

Shawn Adams

#5 24 Votes:
Mackenzie Lee's Photo

Loves In Drought

Mackenzie Lee

#6 23 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Set It on Fire

Jessie Lynn

#7 17 Votes:
Bob Donaldson's Photo

Taken (Spirit Of A Child)

Bob Donaldson

#8 17 Votes:
Chuck Elliott's Photo

Can't let you get to me

Chuck Elliott

#9 14 Votes:
Tom Bender's Photo

Keep the Fire Burning for Me

Tom Bender

#10 14 Votes:
Craig Hendricks's Photo

Whiskey And Diamonds

Craig Hendricks

#11 13 Votes:
John Michael Ferrari's Photo

Ferrari My Heart Cant Breathe

John Michael Ferrari

#12 7 Votes:
Jon Kolden's Photo

What's A Heart Gonna Do

Jon Kolden

#13 7 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo


Jennifer Mlott

#14 6 Votes:
The Tapples's Photo

Sail On

The Tapples

#15 4 Votes:
Tracy Millar's Photo

Cowboys Last Ride

Tracy Millar

#16 2 Votes:
Sandy Louise's Photo

Give Me A JD

Sandy Louise

#17 2 Votes:
Nickola Magnolia's Photo

Cocaine And A Dream

Nickola Magnolia

#18 1 Votes:
Ariel Hutchins's Photo

Christmas Time in Texas

Ariel Hutchins

#19 1 Votes:
Nathan Carter's Photo

You Got Gold

Nathan Carter

#20 1 Votes:
Ronnie Dean Tinsley & The Dark Horse Rodeo's Photo

Own This Town

Ronnie Dean Tinsley & The Dark Horse Rodeo

#21 1 Votes:
Kym Simon's Photo


Kym Simon

#22 1 Votes:
Jon Kinsey's Photo

Southern Girl

Jon Kinsey

#23 1 Votes:
Todd Barrow's Photo

Parrot Bay

Todd Barrow

#24 1 Votes:
Shaza Leigh's Photo

Hear The Angels

Shaza Leigh

#25 1 Votes:
Scarlette Fever's Photo

Where I Belong

Scarlette Fever

#26 0 Votes:
Jason McAllister's Photo

The Heart You Left Behind

Jason McAllister

#27 0 Votes:
Brandon Bing's Photo

Faraway Soldier

Brandon Bing

#28 0 Votes:
Brad Simmonds's Photo

Its My Time

Brad Simmonds

#29 0 Votes:
 Littlemen's Photo



#30 0 Votes:
Rusty & Jan's Photo

Daddy's First Christmas

Rusty & Jan

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