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The Country Boy is nominated for two International Singer-Songwriters Association awards - "Radio DJ Of The Year" and "Promoter Of The Year". Please head over to the voting page - https://www.poll-maker.com/QPCNLMQ - and help him win these well deserved awards!

Previous Top Twenty Songs

Friday 05th July 2019 - Friday 19th July 2019

#1 381 Votes:
Toril Karlengen Tveit's Photo

The One I Love

Toril Karlengen Tveit

#2 137 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

Im Diggin It

Jessie Lynn

#3 114 Votes:
Karisa Kay's Photo

Morning Sure Comes Early

Karisa Kay

#4 111 Votes:
Lori Hardman's Photo

Don't Cross That Line

Lori Hardman

#5 107 Votes:
Bob Donaldson's Photo

Second Chances

Bob Donaldson

#6 58 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

Bring Back Country Music

Cindy Larson

#7 51 Votes:
Ed Harris's Photo

Tell Me Ma

Ed Harris

#8 50 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

Choctaw County Affair

Jennifer Mlott

#9 41 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

She Couldn't Say

Dave Ward

#10 39 Votes:
Keith Peel's Photo

Baton Rouge

Keith Peel

#11 38 Votes:
Kylie Trout's Photo

Can't Remember Growing Up

Kylie Trout

#12 33 Votes:
Debbie Nunn's Photo

Live The Dream

Debbie Nunn

#13 33 Votes:
Michael Jennings's Photo

Little Man

Michael Jennings

#14 29 Votes:
Celeste Kellogg's Photo

Theres A Beach Somewhere

Celeste Kellogg

#15 17 Votes:
 Garret's Photo

Lover Like You


#16 17 Votes:
Madison Mueller's Photo


Madison Mueller

#17 14 Votes:
Ben Rose's Photo

Simple Man

Ben Rose

#18 10 Votes:
Nevaeh Lee's Photo


Nevaeh Lee

#19 9 Votes:
L Perry's Photo

The Power Of Music

L Perry

#20 8 Votes:
Jeannine Barry's Photo

Love Just Hurts

Jeannine Barry

#21 8 Votes:
Chris Mabb's Photo

Rain Storm

Chris Mabb

#22 7 Votes:
Morgan Riley's Photo

I Don't Want To Lose You

Morgan Riley

#23 7 Votes:
Marty Rhone's Photo

We Had A Good Thing Goin

Marty Rhone

#24 5 Votes:
Tess Callaghan's Photo

I Stand Alone

Tess Callaghan

#25 5 Votes:
Big City Cowgirl's Photo

I'm Standin' Out Here (For A Reason)

Big City Cowgirl

#26 5 Votes:
Helena Mace's Photo

I Chose You

Helena Mace

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