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Previous Top Twenty Songs

Friday 28th December 2018 - Friday 11th January 2019

#1 151 Votes:
Maida and Band's Photo

Last Call

Maida and Band

#2 123 Votes:
The Pearsall Brothers Band's Photo

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

The Pearsall Brothers Band

#3 66 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Child Is This

Jessie Lynn

#4 61 Votes:
Helena Mace's Photo

This Christmas

Helena Mace

#5 52 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

A Song Of Hope

Rose Finn

#6 47 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

The Christmas Song

Jennifer Mlott

#7 29 Votes:
Danielle Haskell's Photo


Danielle Haskell

#8 28 Votes:
Cindy Larson's Photo

Bring Back Country Music

Cindy Larson

#9 24 Votes:
Chelsea Rae's Photo

Listenin To You Leavin

Chelsea Rae

#10 23 Votes:
Celeste Kellogg's Photo

Country Swagger

Celeste Kellogg

#11 20 Votes:
Ava Paige's Photo

Make Him Wait

Ava Paige

#12 15 Votes:
Maggie Baugh's Photo

Midnight Muddin'

Maggie Baugh

#13 14 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo

There Were No Malls That Christmas Day

Dave Ward

#14 13 Votes:
Chris Mabb's Photo

Heaven Is A Honky Tonk

Chris Mabb

#15 10 Votes:
Brandi Naugle's Photo

White Christmas

Brandi Naugle

#16 10 Votes:
Carly And Martina's Photo

Fa La La

Carly And Martina

#17 9 Votes:
William Mckechnie's Photo

Fluffy Snow

William Mckechnie

#18 8 Votes:
Karisa Kay's Photo

Thank The Lord And Mamma

Karisa Kay

#19 8 Votes:
Erica K Fultz's Photo

Give My Broken Heart A Break

Erica K Fultz

#20 6 Votes:
George Mallas's Photo

Tidings And Cheer

George Mallas

#21 4 Votes:
Katrina Webster's Photo

When You Say Nothing At All

Katrina Webster

#22 4 Votes:
Dolly Dunn's Photo

No More Pain (ft. Michael Carey)

Dolly Dunn

#23 3 Votes:
Dede Wedekind's Photo

Just Desserts

Dede Wedekind

#24 2 Votes:
Darren Parry's Photo

Dont Need Nothing Else This Christmas

Darren Parry

#25 2 Votes:
Mercy Shine's Photo

So Do I

Mercy Shine

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