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Our online radio station, IAM4U Radio, is up for an ISSA 2020 Award. Please visit the poll - https://www.poll-maker.com/QIHOHLT - scroll down to International Radio Station of the Year and vote for Colin Pettitt - IAm4U Radio. You can vote once per day, so bookmark this page.

Friday 20th March 2020 - Friday 03rd April 2020

#1 139 Votes:
Jimmy Henrich's Photo

Kiss It Out

Jimmy Henrich

#2 134 Votes:
Kenny Presley's Photo

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Kenny Presley

#3 43 Votes:
Jessie Lynn's Photo

What Happens In The Country

Jessie Lynn

#4 42 Votes:
Jennifer Mlott's Photo

Gunpowder And Lead

Jennifer Mlott

#5 34 Votes:
Alice Madison's Photo

Desert Train

Alice Madison

#6 34 Votes:
Phil & Kris's Photo

A Stitch In Time

Phil & Kris

#7 20 Votes:
Chelsea Rae's Photo

Lips Of A Liar

Chelsea Rae

#8 19 Votes:
Ava Paige's Photo

Hope Comes In

Ava Paige

#9 19 Votes:
Bo Barton's Photo


Bo Barton

#10 17 Votes:
Darren Parry's Photo

Feels Like The World's Stopped Turning

Darren Parry

#11 17 Votes:
Madison Mueller's Photo

Got This Way

Madison Mueller

#12 16 Votes:
Dave Ward's Photo


Dave Ward

#13 16 Votes:
Michael Jennings's Photo

Everyone Else Sees

Michael Jennings

#14 15 Votes:
Paradise Motel's Photo

Black Dove

Paradise Motel

#15 15 Votes:
Kimberly Ward's Photo

Letting Go

Kimberly Ward

#16 14 Votes:
Alyssa Marie Coon's Photo

Country Girl

Alyssa Marie Coon

#17 12 Votes:
Keith Peel's Photo

Nothing Special On My Mind

Keith Peel

#18 9 Votes:
Sabrina Maria's Photo

Go Out There And Get It

Sabrina Maria

#19 8 Votes:
Rose Finn's Photo

Watching You Dream

Rose Finn

#20 7 Votes:
Toni West's Photo

Clearing Out My Memories

Toni West

#21 7 Votes:
Hayley Verrall's Photo


Hayley Verrall

#22 6 Votes:
Dawn Rix's Photo

Just Give Me The Bottle

Dawn Rix

#23 3 Votes:
Donna Marie's Photo

Pity Party

Donna Marie

#24 2 Votes:
W.B And The Geezers's Photo

Weekend Angel

W.B And The Geezers

#25 2 Votes:
Thomas Seibert's Photo


Thomas Seibert

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