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Wild Fire

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/wild_fire">Wild Fire</a>

"Ignition Country is an amazing station that has a heart for helping indie artists such as ourselves. We are grateful for their station and the exposure we have gained over the years!"

Jennifer Mlott

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/jennifer_mlott">Jennifer Mlott</a>

"Ignition Country, Colin, has been a blessing. Being a part of Colin's charts, has helped me get my name out there to a totally different group of people. Its helped me gain followers/fans & brought my music to a whole new group of listeners. Colin is very supportive & caring. It's been an awesome place to meet others artists as well! I highly reccomend it!"

Toni West

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/toni_west">Toni West</a>

"From the first time I sent Colin my music he was more than happy to share it through Ignition Country and also included it in the Top 25 voting charts. By Colin promoting my music like this, I have received lots of lovely comments and interest. A huge thank you to Country Boy and Ignition Country - you are the best."

Dave Ward

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/dave_ward">Dave Ward</a>

"Colin is very supportive of the artists that he features on the Country Ignition website! He also tries to make introductions and open other opportunities, wherever he can. As artists, we really appreciate this wonderful level of support!"

Alice Madison

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/alice_madison">Alice Madison</a>

"Countryboy does everything in his power to make your music heard. I have never before met someone in the music business that so willingly does what he can for you and doesn't ask for anything back. Not many people of his musical background is willing to put that knowledge on unknown indie artist. With Countryboy I have felt like a country star from the very first day!
He's got experience, integrity and a very big heart.
I owe alot to Countryboy and Ignition Radio and I will never forget the support!"

Country George

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/country_george">Country George</a>

"Ignition Country is an awesome place to showcase yourself as an artist and your music. It is run by extremely dedicated and friendly people who have the artist's interests at heart. The services they do charge for are very reasonably priced and it is a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow artists and songwriters. Highly recommended!"

Luanne Hunt

Luanne Hunt

"Along with being an awesome promoter of country music, Colin is a super nice guy, who goes above and beyond to support independent artists. I am incredibly impressed with his dedication and professionalism. There are few people in the business as wonderful as he is."

Kate Campbell

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/kate_campbell">Kate Campbell</a>

"Special Thanks to Colin; The Country Boy at Ignition Country with the magic skills of promoting and supporting Indie Country artists and bands like myself!

I am so impressed by the your results appreciation for music and the Artist! You definitely have a fan and friend in me! Showcasing my music with you on The Top 25 Chart

You have have helped me reach across the world and gain more fans! This was less than a week! You are Amazing and your generosity and dedication to the sharing of music and showcasing artists and bands on your website is so valuable! Deep gratitude for your continued support and wish you great success! Colin gets the job done with integrity and a lot of heart!!

Love from Canada"

Bailey James

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/bailey_james">Bailey James</a>

"I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Ignition Country! Colin has supported me so much over the last 3 years and helped spread my music across Europe. You are such a friend to independent artists everywhere... God bless you!"

Keith Robinson, Presenter

<a href="https://twitter.com/ridgeradiokeith" class="external">Keith Robinson, Presenter</a>

"Countryboy is brilliant for promoting indie artists. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to find talent to play on my Sunday Morning show on @RidgeradioUk. I feel honoured to be able to feature his artists on Keith's Sunday Collection on Ridge Radio."

Toril Karlengen Tveit

<a href="http://www.ignitioncountry.co.uk/artists/toril_karlengen_tveit">Toril Karlengen Tveit</a>

"You have open a now world to me. I feel so lucky to have you as my friend and that you give me the chance to be heard and get connected with other countryartist and other great persons. Thank you, wich you the best. "

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