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Terms of Service

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Voting Rules

  • As a guest you may vote ONCE for an artist in a chart
  • If you register and login, you can vote one more time for that artist in the same chart

General Rules

  • One account per individual
  • No registration from temporary email providers
  • No registration from proxy services
  • No offensive/derogatory nicknames/playlist names
  • Playlists are not to be used to advertise your music in any way

We reserve the right to:

  • Temporarily disable or permanently terminate any account we suspect of vote cheating, or any account(s) we believe to be duplicate accounts belonging one person
    • An email will be sent to confirm our decision
    • If we are wrong, we will re-enable the account
    • We will not disclose how we detect cheating
  • Terminate any account using offensive/derogatory language in their email address or nickname
  • Block access entirely to people we believe to be: creating multiple accounts, evading previous bans, committing vote fraud
  • Delete any playlist with offensive/derogatory language in its name, or any playlist used in order to promote an artist
  • Block registration from IP addresses or email providers that we believe are being used for vote cheating
  • Remove any Top 25 entry at any time
  • Remove votes we believe to be fraudulent
  • Remove any artist's profile or music at any time

You have the right to:

  • Delete your account at any time, using the My Profile section of the website
  • Re-create any account you have deleted

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